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Clicks to Conversions and All the In Between

by: | November 10, 2011

Pay per click advertising is a valuable marketing tool that is frequently under used by small business owners. Oftentimes, the notion of “pay per click” (PPC) can deter entrepreneurs with small budgets. What many don’t understand about PPC, however, is the amount of control that it allows for individual campaigns. The business owner controls everything, including targeting a certain audience, cost per click, and monthly spend.

PPC is a great way for a business owner to target a specific audience. You choose what keywords to bid on, based on the product you are marketing. Once keywords are chosen, target the ad copy and landing pages accordingly.

Cost per click, or CPC, often gives the illusion to business owners that they cannot afford to use PPC advertising. But in actuality, the business owner can always stay on budget by carefully choosing their maximum cost per click. Your competitors’ bids and ad quality will also help determine what position your ad will appear for a given keyword. In many cases, actual cost per click is lower than what has been set as the maximum cost per click.

Finally, let’s talk budget. Another overlooked or even unknown aspect of PPC that small business owners need to realize to compete is that you set your own budget. So, it’s okay if a large budget has not been set aside for advertising. Create a budget, set it, consider your available options, and go from there. The end result may be pleasantly surprising.

PPC advertising is a powerful resource for small business owners looking to have ultimate control over audience targeting and spend. You know what you are marketing; and what better person to target your audience than you? A small budget should not deter someone from taking hold of this exciting marketing resource, which can take a business from clicks to conversions, all in a budget that won’t break the bank.Marketing Zeus

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