Duplicate Yourself: How to Find Quality Freelancers

by: | April 3, 2012

At the start of my Internet career, I felt I had to do everything myself to push a business forward. Coming right out of college, I studied on my own, wrote papers on my own, and took tests on my own. After leaving school, I never abandoned that mentality.

Soon, I realized I had a choice to make— either find help or go crazy.

Finding a third-party to do contract work can be scary. I didn’t have a huge budget, and I wasn’t sure what freelancers would cost, so I went to

I’m a slow writer, so I was looking for someone who could quickly write some product descriptions for me. I posted a job requesting 25 descriptions, 200 words each, for $3 each.

I wasn’t really expecting much of a response, but I was surprised to find that my inbox was getting flooded with writers who would love the work.

Since, then, I’ve been hooked. I’ve found quality writers, link builders, designers and programmers to help expand my business.

Top 3 Sites For Website Freelancers

Here are the top websites where you’ll find quality contractors:

I suggest you start here because it’s the easiest transition into outsourcing. Depending on your ad, you can get anywhere from a handful of interested people to hundreds of qualified applicants.

I like submitting simple yet time-consuming tasks here. These are things that need to get done, but I just don’t have the time to do them.

That includes:
- finding hundreds of stock photos for products on e-commerce sites
- writing product descriptions and blog posts
- finding blogs within my niche that might link to our site

The great thing about Craigslist is that it works with any budget. You post your ad for free, and you set your own terms. Want someone to find stock photos? That’s great— tell them that you pay $5 for each photo you determine to be good enough for your website. Need someone to write blog posts? Perfect. Offer $7 per blog post, and $10 if you don’t have to make any edits to their work.

These figures are just suggestions. As you experiment with outsourcing, you will find the right estimate for your contractors to get the work you want for your site/sites.

Fiverr is an incredible marketplace where every task posted on their website will be done for $5. I’ve gotten banner ads designed, videos edited, and slideshows made through this site.

This website can feed your entrepreneurial spirit, too. You can spend days browsing all the jobs offered, and brainstorm new ways to generate leads.

For example, if you have a lead-capture squeeze page that is designed to collect email addresses, you can reward a signup with a free report. You can get that free report for $5 off Fiverr.

Elance is a great resource for finding web designers, coders, and graphic artists. I come here when I need to find an experienced person who can solve a problem or set something up quickly for me.

I’ve found people to set up complex Google Website Optimizer tests, make complicated design changes to our dynamic websites and customize our checkout process.

These are great resources that are designed to help you. I highly recommend that you begin searching for intelligent, quality contractors to work with. The end result will be more time for you and likely more profits from your business site.Marketing Zeus

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