Getting the Most Out of Your Mobile Marketing

Getting the Most Out of Your Mobile Marketing

by: | July 25, 2012

Have you wanted to take the plunge into the world of mobile marketing for your business? What are some of the first steps that you must take? Do you jump right into creating a mobile app for the iPhone or Android? How do you create a great mobile user experience? How do you get mobile customers to buy your products or services?

All of these questions can be answered clearly and concisely, if you approach mobile as not only a viable option but also with the intent to continue to build and grow your mobile presence.

Simplified Web Browsing

The first step any company must take is to have their web development team use responsive web design to update their web page. You may ask, “What is responsive web design?”

Well, simply put, it is programming a website to respond appropriately to the size of the device on which the web page is being viewed. Therefore, if someone is viewing your website on an iPhone, as opposed to a laptop, the page will automatically resize for the screen’s viewing space.

Typically, menus will become clickable items that expand into lists on the mobile site. The lists can be made visible and invisible simply by clicking a button on the screen. Using responsive web design makes viewing the website much easier.

Customized Experience through Apps

If you are willing to create an app, you need to be sure that you are willing to dedicate the time, resources, and money, and then plan for future updates to create a quality application. Otherwise, the application will flop, and you will not get the full benefit of going mobile.

In addition, your app must create a customized version of your website specifically for purchasing your products or services. You can add in other features as your website gains popularity and makes money for your company, and you can serve up these changes or additions in future app updates.

Be sure to keep your app simple and to the point. You do not want to include extraneous information or things that will confuse the app user.

Make a Free Version of Your App

If you are not experienced with any mobile app stores, the first rule of thumb you must consider is that your customers want their apps for free. You have to be willing to put your company out there in order to attract customers.

Clear Call to Action

Your app must have a clear call to action, otherwise, your app will lack purpose. You want your customers to engage your mobile app with ease, so as to sell your products or services on their preferred device.

Ease of Purchase

The end user needs an easy way to purchase your products or services. That is, if you have a shopping cart or login area for your website, you must make this option available through your mobile app. Once the user is signed in, they must have the same ease of use as they would on your website.

Free Trials and Incentives

You always want to provide free trials and incentives for your products or services to your customers. These items are even more important to the mobile customer than those browsing your website. Why? Because, the mobile user has already chosen to use your mobile app. You don’t want a disappointed mobile user! A great rule of thumb: If you disappoint a mobile user once, they will never return to your app again. Give them a reason to come back, using your app.

Final Advice

In effect, creating a great mobile experience for your customers is a challenging yet rewarding venture for companies wishing to go mobile. You must explore responsive web design in addition to creating your mobile app. Mobile apps require 100 percent buy-in from your company, if you wish for them to work. And always remember to satisfy your customers. An unhappy customer will quickly go to another company.Marketing Zeus

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