How Video Benefits Your Business Site

by: | September 29, 2011

Developing video assets for your business’s web presence is an essential part of a successful web strategy.  Short video that is informational, enlightening, and entertaining keeps users engaged longer and increases the social aspect of your site. A well made video can explain volumes of copy in a much shorter span of time. It adds an entertaining visual element to education about your business or product. Video also gives insight into your company and its people while helping to communicate your brand more clearly to them.

 Ultimately, a useful mix of succinct copy with relevant images and video lends itself to a strong web experience for the end user.

The best thing about web and social video is that it does not have to be an expensive endeavor. In fact, video can sometimes be too polished and push users away. People come to the web for real information and not a TV-style pitch.  It is definitely good to have at least one professionally produced video, if it serves as a marquis piece of information on your home page or featured product page. Otherwise, the more real and direct the video is, the better— just keep the image stable and the audio clear or hire a videographer for simple shooting, editing, and graphics for the web, and your visitors will thank you.

Keep them brief:

  • The majority of your videos should be 2:00 or less. You can have one or two that are up to 4:00 if it is really necessary.
  • The average web surfer has a world of information at their fingertips, so attention span is prime real estate. Make use of what you get.

Be careful with the viral thing:

  • Things generally go viral by accident. If you try too hard, it shows.
  • Sometimes being humorous works if it helps lend insight to your staff, products, culture, and brand, but be aware that it can go horribly wrong and fall flat on its face like local used car commercials, becoming so laughably bad it goes viral for the wrong reasons.

Some good ways to integrate video:

  • A brief video like a commercial that serves as the About Us information on your website. Place this at the top of that page with more traditional copy below the movie. This gives the user options when learning about you while building varied content for search engines. It also gives you an opportunity to more completely tell your brand story.
  • Use videos of products to augment the copy and images. Show the products being used or tested or show video testimonials from clients.

You could be a little creative and:

  • Create video FAQs to help users and communicate answers and demonstrations.
  • Create How-To videos or screen captures with voiceovers for new staff or as instructions from clients.

Video is a powerful component for a strong web experience. It can enhance the “stickiness” of your pages, keeping visitors longer and coming back, while helping in the SEO fight (especially with Google’s latest search engine updates). In addition, searches with video results yield a higher click-through rate.

Now you know why video is important, so throw on your puffy director’s pants and shoot some video.Marketing Zeus

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