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Rules of Engagement: Your Target’s Audience

by: | June 17, 2011

Today, I was invited to a FACEBOOK CONTEST (yes, it was written in all capital letters) to promote a band that I “like,” to my Friends list. The band, Crisis in Hollywood (CIH), received the suggestion from one of their fans (already they are listening and reacting to their audience. The contest, verbatim:

FAN PAGE CONTEST! Here is a great suggestion from one of our fans. Who ever suggests our Facebook page to the most people will win a T-shirt of their choice and Both of our albums for a combined value of $30. all you need to do to win the items is click “suggest to Friends” (located below our profile picture) and then select all your friends. In order for us to keep this fair you will then take a screen-shot with the total number of friends you sent CIH to. Who ever has the most sent by Friday wins. Please post your pictures in the comments of this page.

This is a great use of social media. Not only is the band responding to a fan suggestion and putting it to use, they are engaging their current followers while targeting the audience of their audience.

They are targeting the audience of their audience.

That’s right, we all have an audience. We have a group of followers that read our updates on Facebook (or they hit that little “x” next to our name, and we never know). We have friends and family that value our opinions, want to know what we are up to and comment on our photos.

CIH is using engagement to expand their current reach – communicating with their audience and beyond. Even if only a small percentage of their fans take part in the contest, they are expanding their brand (and music) to new people. Think about why we are connected to people through social media. At the core, we share similar interests with each other. Whether it is family, music, movies, food, travel, pets, exercise, work, etc.; we share some interests with those we are connected to.Marketing Zeus

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