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The “Give to Get” Holiday Business Mantra

by: | December 9, 2011

This is the time of year when every story seems to be about giving. It’s no secret that giving is the central theme of the holidays and that the act of giving is nearly taken to the status of an art form by push advertising encouraging gift giving during the holiday season. But how can we use the season of giving to help us tell a better brand story and connect with our customers at the same time without selling products, services, or gift certificates?

Partnering your brand story with the authentic act of giving is a strategy that pays in long-term as well as short-term dividends. Today’s customers are highly conscious of philanthropic efforts on the part of the companies that they shop, especially online and through social media. “Give to get” is a fundamental mantra of social media marketing.

If you are not in a position to allocate funds to a “thank you” offer at this time of year, another way to link to the story of giving is to partner with a charity that you and your customers value.  Offering a percentage of proceeds to a favorite charity or creating a donation opportunity for your customers through your company, in conjunction with a story of giving, can pay off as more than a tax write off. It positions your company as more than a product or service by creating a sense of you as a caring brand entity— one that has a relationship with the community and is available for a relationship with the customer.

That kind of story is a gift that keeps giving back, not only in sales but also in goodwill.  What could be better? Happy Holidays!Marketing Zeus

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