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The Importance of Collaborative Problem Solving and Accountability

by: | July 31, 2011

Your website is a large investment in your company, your marketing and your future. The process of building it can be agonizing if you are working with “the guy that does websites.” He may make websites, but who is his boss? Who holds him accountable? What are his listening and people skills like? What other things is he working on that he might deem more important? What is his schedule like? What are his core competencies? How much experience does he have with your business type? What, exactly, do you know about his skills?

The great thing about working with a specialized team is their ability to solve problems collaboratively. No matter how much experience you have building websites, every site presents its own set of unique challenges, many of them unforeseen. The think tank that is a well-oiled agency relies on a co-lab of everyone’s experiences and specialties. This can keep your project moving and avoid the time-intensive learning curve it may take one person to figure out the issue at hand.

Everything said, what a trusted agency gives you, in addition to the highly specialized team dedicated to discovering and promoting your business to the identified audience in a meaningful way, is accountability.

As a client services professional in an agency, you don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “My website is broken, and I can’t get a hold of my Web guy” or “I had this guy do my site and he was pretty good, but his girlfriend got in a fender bender, and I lost him for a few weeks, then he moved to Iowa, and I have an unfinished website.” Ugh! Your website is too important for the proverbial “fly-by-night” freelancer. A good agency offers a full-time contact and a dedicated project manager and/or client services professional. These people shepherd you through the process and remain in contact beyond the launch of the site for maintenance issues or further development. A good agency will also build your site with best practices in mind and deliver you all the code and assets when it is complete to make upgrades easier for your team, should you choose another vendor.

Your website is crucial. It is a sales person and brand ambassador working 24/7, 365 days a year. It certainly pays to get it done right with an agency.Get In Media

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