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Zeus checked his list, and it seems that all your small business website wants this holiday season is for you to incorporate some of the tweaks and tips suggested in these holiday-marketing-minded articles.

Keep up with your competitors, leverage the holiday season to your advantage, and improve your site’s performance by following these guidelines.

Holiday Marketing Tips

Using the Holidays to Experiment With Web Conversions

Many e-commerce sites experiment a severe spike in traffic during the holidays. Find out how you can use this spike in traffic to run multivariate tests that will help improve your conversion rate not just during the season but year-round.

Holiday Shopping is Going Mobile—Is Your Small Business Ready?

Some of the biggest spenders online are making purchases on their mobile phones. Rev up your mobile efforts now to tap into this market that will only continue to grow throughout the year.

The “Give to Get” Holiday Business Mantra

An authentic act of goodwill can go a long way in generating customer loyalty and tapping into new target audiences, all while contributing meaningfully to your brand story. Consider ways that charitable contributions could impact your business

Quick Holiday Marketing Tips for Black Friday

Originally focused on Black Friday marketing, you can still utilize these quick, effective ways to optimize your site to take advantage of holiday online shoppers. Don’t think only in terms of “before Christmas” but also about New Year’s shopping habits.

Small Business Saturday Infograph

A Big Day For Small Business

Small Business Saturday became official this year, and the response that independently owned business received was a truly remarkable way to end the year. Check out how much love small businesses received on November 26, 2011

Happy Holidays from Marketing Zeus!

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