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Marketing Zeus provides commentary, fresh reporting and practical information about online marketing for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Our columns and articles are written by experienced business reporters, marketing professionals and SMB owners. If this describes you, or if you have a unique perspective and would like to share a story from the marketing trenches, please send us a pitch.

Professional writers should send one to three clips along with a concise pitch. If you have never written for publication, please give us some idea, in your own words, of what you’d like to write for us and why you’re the one to tell this story.

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Before pitching your story, please read some of our articles. We’re sorry to say that we must reject many pitches because the proposed subject matter doesn’t fit into our content needs.

Peruse our navigation bar and tell us which category your story belongs to. Are you a PPC wizard? A branding guru? King of the customer newsletter? Do you have a tale of viral marketing gone awry?

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